Monday, 21 February 2011

Been a long time coming!

But here I am again!
Summer was a busy time this year with cottage change-overs and therefore constant washing, ironing, cleaning and bedmaking plus, of course, looking after the ponies. I decided to block out some time end November/beginning December to give me a chance to catch up with all the things which had been neglected but then, of course, the snow hit a month earlier than last year and it was head down again, this time keeping the ponies safe, fed and watered and the stables done. We were dug out twice by a big digger from across the road and spent a great deal of time trying to keep the yard snow-free. There's still lots of snow on the hills to the north which is good for the skiers at Glenshee but thankfully it hasn't come down on us again, yet! We've had more groups of skiers staying in the cottages this year and a group just arrived to the Hayloft today. Bit of a panic there as I didn't realise they were coming today but thankfully most of the cleaning was already done and I got it all ready before they arrived. I'm looking forward to another of the Scrapbooking groups arriving this Friday, always a lively, enthusiastic group of ladies.

One of my Scrapbooking Retreat groups again left me an Advent box full of goodies with clear instructions not to start opening any parcels until December. This was too much to bear since they left it in October so I decided to put it out of sight in a cupboard in the craft room, then promptly forgot about it! Imagine my surprise and excitement when I discovered it again on Christmas eve and was able to open my crafty parcels ALL AT ONCE just after midnight. Bliss.

The next 10 days I'll be listening to the Tapping World Summit which is now in it's third year and if the past two years are anything to go by it'll be an excellent event. Just over an hour to go before it opens (8pm US eastern time) but I don't know if I'll be able to stay awake to listen to both of the opening interviews so it's just as well they'll all be available for 24 hours after the initial airing. A bit late now but if anyone's interested, here's the link and it's a FREE event. Ideal opportunity to learn, or learn more, about a self-help technique which can transform lives - Meridian Tapping/EFT

I have actually managed to do a few layouts too, but no pics as yet. Will upload something soon. OK, you've heard that one before but I really will this time - before the end of March which gives me plenty time.

Happy scrapping, or whatever you like to do, and keep warm out there.