Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Curiosity (nearly) Killed the Cat!

This is Smokey, the youngest of our three cats and by far the most inquisitive. She likes to climb into things to investigate - bags, drawers, cupboards - anything! Yesterday, I heard her calling and thought she was outside but when I opened the door there was no sign of her. I checked all the rooms in the house, still no Smokey, but I could still hear her calling. Eventually the noise led me to the bathroom where a friend had been doing some work earlier in the day. He had taken a panel off the wall under the sink to repair something and while he was out of the room Smokey climbed into the wall and disappeared. He then screwed the panel back before leaving. She was a very grateful cat when I unscrewed the panel and let her out again! Climbed on my back and hung on tight, purring loudly. Daft cat! :o)

Sunshine after Rain

Yesterday it rained all day but today was glorious and the sun shone all day so I thought I'd share this by David Ramsay from his book Wayside Gleanings

Springtime the farmer sows the seed
That he may serve our every need
From fields of golden grain;
His faith is placed in Nature's aid,
While deep down in his heart has prayed
For sunshine after rain.

Life's journey can enrich our minds,
While thoughtful acts our friendship binds,
Through days of stress and strain;
The road is rough and steep, perchance
A smile - with just a friendly glance -
Brings sunshine after rain.

Those cheering lines we may have read
When sitting by a friend's sick bed
Made her forget her pain;
Or flowers - perhaps which we arranged -
The gloomy atmosphere has changed -
Brought sunshine after rain.

To do a good deed every day,
Strew happiness along life's way,
Brings pleasure in its train;
Our bread, if on the waters cast
Returns, when many days are past
Like sunshine after rain.

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Wow, I Want to be Just Like Kass!

Kass is amazing and I love all the things she's accomplished in her 'fixer-upper'. Take a look here. I aspire to that level of ability and creativity, inspirational!