Friday, 23 April 2010

Sad to See it Go

I sold my car yesterday. This may seem like an ordinary thing to do but this car was special, part of the family. We've had it for nearly 20 years and I adored it. A pearl white Audi Quattro coupe, 20 valve, sport. I've collected quite a few business cards over the years of people who wanted to buy it. I could tell when they approached me what they were going to say. They'd offer the card and I'd say along with them 'If you're ever thinking of selling your car, give me a call'. Finally I met someone who I felt OK with. Someone who would give the car the kind of attention it needed to bring it back to pristine condition. I'm sure the others would have too but this time it was different. I would have loved to keep it forever and if I'd had the money would have paid for it to have all the TLC it needed, but I don't, so the car finally had to go. It needed to go before it started to deteriorate and the thought of it sitting in the yard rotting was worse than the thought of selling it. If you love something, you'll let it go. I'll miss the deep growl then purr of the engine when I turned the ignition key, like a great, powerful, big cat. The guy looked under the bonnet and immediately said 'This car's been modified and chipped' then 'It must be fast' 'Oh yes', we said in unison, 'really fast!' Back seat passengers had to peel themselves off the seats if you accellerated too hard but I didn't drive it like that. I could still get over 30 mpg on long journeys and averaged 28mpg on normal routes. Proof that I didn't push it too hard and really good mileage for a car of that type and age. I'll miss the way it could overtake, and hug corners, and stick to the road. I got a thrill just looking at it. It's a huge wrench and I'll need some therapy. Tap, tap, tap!

Just Be Yourself

Got a link to a new YouTube clip of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling working with an Arab gelding. It was very depressed and in poor condition when it came to him but he worked his magic as usual. Find the clip here.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


When I was in Kitty Krafts at the weekend buying alcohol inks, I bought three sheets of paper too. I had no idea why I wanted them and must have passed them by many times before as Louise said she's had them in for a while. Then......I thought about my lovely scrappy chocolates and looked a little closer at the pattern on the top of some of them. The subconscious mind at work?

Not too Pretty to Eat for Me!

This is all I was able to capture on my phone of the remainder of my six delicious chocs before they too were gobbled up. Top one was lime, the middle one raspberry and the bottom one ginger. I feel another visit to the choc shop coming on!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chocolates for Scrapbookers

I've been promising myself a trip to Legends of Grandtully for ages and I finally went on Saturday. This is where Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier, has his chocolate kitchen and I always make sure there are leaflets in our holiday cottages so any chocoholics can make a visit while exploring the countryside around us. I felt the need to sample them myself - purely for the benefit of our visitors of course, lol! Being at the heart of the soft fruit growing area I like to find local products to leave for guests and when the raspberries and strawberries are out of season that means finding things made from them. I usually leave some of Willie's award winning jams from Scottish Preserves and now I'll definately have to get some of these chocs for my Scrapbooking groups, they're just sooooo pretty. I would post a picture of the six extremely pretty, scrappy looking, chocs I bought but unfortunately I succumbed and ate most of them before I could do that. I didn't have my camera to hand, when I got home the light wasn't good enough, excuse, excuse, excuse. They were delicious! You can see what I mean here. I also bought two packets of white chocolate covered raspberries and strawberries so I've managed to take a pic of that although one pack has already been devoured and I'm eyeing up the other!

Sunday, 18 April 2010


I love this short music video by Mark Romero. 3.13 mins of de-stress time! Find it here and another of his short videos here

Thank You Kitty Krafts!

Had to go get some more alcohol inks this weekend as my friend's Young Women group were here for their Easter visit of egg decorating, egg rolling, egg hunting and, this year, journal jar making which meant 18 glass jars to decorate (pics to follow). While I was in Kitty Krafts Louise's husband showed me how to do the 'here' bit so now there's no stopping me. Thank You.

Friday, 16 April 2010

Great Song

Found a link to this singer in Brad Yates latest newsletter and I really like this song. Find it here - . I still don't know how to do the "here" bit where you click on the word and it takes you to the URL. Anyone out there know?

Thursday, 8 April 2010

EFT World Summit

The EFT World Summit has ended and the bonus seminars are still rolling in. I didn't plan on signing up to the event this year as I couldn't afford the time listening to all the teleseminars so I ignored the invitations but Nick Ortner sent me the links anyway and I managed to listen to a few. As usual the standard was excellent and very informative.
The most recent bonus is a series of four teleseminars with Pamela Bruner on 'Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Overwhelm'. I've listened to the first one three times already, great stuff! I'll be tapping along with it every day for a while!

Just Walkin' the Dog

I love this pic of my niece walking one of our dogs along the lane last summer. Definately need to do a LO with it. The grass is so long on the verges and there are so many different types of grass.

Still waiting for everything to burst into life. We go from moaning about there being no grass for the horses and ponies to complaining about there being too much in a relatively short space of time. It won't be long before we have to start dividing the fields with electric tape to strip graze them.

Hurray, the Sun Came Back!

After two solid days of rain, the sun finally returned yesterday and after a damp start this morning, I'm hoping for a similar sunny, warm day today. Still trying to catch up with outdoor work I didn't do in the rain. Just couldn't face getting soaked again.

Skip to My Loo

This little guy lived across the road at North Littleton and spent a great deal of last summer under these boards advertising portable toilet hire. If it rained, he was under the boards and when the flies got bad, he took cover under the boards. I don't know how he managed to get in and out of there so often without hurting himself but he did. Ponies are so funny and very resourceful!