Friday, 23 April 2010

Sad to See it Go

I sold my car yesterday. This may seem like an ordinary thing to do but this car was special, part of the family. We've had it for nearly 20 years and I adored it. A pearl white Audi Quattro coupe, 20 valve, sport. I've collected quite a few business cards over the years of people who wanted to buy it. I could tell when they approached me what they were going to say. They'd offer the card and I'd say along with them 'If you're ever thinking of selling your car, give me a call'. Finally I met someone who I felt OK with. Someone who would give the car the kind of attention it needed to bring it back to pristine condition. I'm sure the others would have too but this time it was different. I would have loved to keep it forever and if I'd had the money would have paid for it to have all the TLC it needed, but I don't, so the car finally had to go. It needed to go before it started to deteriorate and the thought of it sitting in the yard rotting was worse than the thought of selling it. If you love something, you'll let it go. I'll miss the deep growl then purr of the engine when I turned the ignition key, like a great, powerful, big cat. The guy looked under the bonnet and immediately said 'This car's been modified and chipped' then 'It must be fast' 'Oh yes', we said in unison, 'really fast!' Back seat passengers had to peel themselves off the seats if you accellerated too hard but I didn't drive it like that. I could still get over 30 mpg on long journeys and averaged 28mpg on normal routes. Proof that I didn't push it too hard and really good mileage for a car of that type and age. I'll miss the way it could overtake, and hug corners, and stick to the road. I got a thrill just looking at it. It's a huge wrench and I'll need some therapy. Tap, tap, tap!

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