Thursday, 8 April 2010

EFT World Summit

The EFT World Summit has ended and the bonus seminars are still rolling in. I didn't plan on signing up to the event this year as I couldn't afford the time listening to all the teleseminars so I ignored the invitations but Nick Ortner sent me the links anyway and I managed to listen to a few. As usual the standard was excellent and very informative.
The most recent bonus is a series of four teleseminars with Pamela Bruner on 'Breaking the Cycle of Stress and Overwhelm'. I've listened to the first one three times already, great stuff! I'll be tapping along with it every day for a while!


Ann said...

I love Pamela Bruner too. One of my other favourites from the Summit was healing the critical internal voice by Judy Byrne. What did you think?

Hazel said...

Hi Ann, I didn't have time to listen to all the teleseminars at the time but I'll check out the Judy Byrne CD and let you know what I think. Sounds interesting - 'Healing the Critical Internal Voice'

Hazel said...

Finally managed to listen to the Judy Byrne CD - excellent!