Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Chocolates for Scrapbookers

I've been promising myself a trip to Legends of Grandtully for ages and I finally went on Saturday. This is where Iain Burnett, The Highland Chocolatier, has his chocolate kitchen and I always make sure there are leaflets in our holiday cottages so any chocoholics can make a visit while exploring the countryside around us. I felt the need to sample them myself - purely for the benefit of our visitors of course, lol! Being at the heart of the soft fruit growing area I like to find local products to leave for guests and when the raspberries and strawberries are out of season that means finding things made from them. I usually leave some of Willie's award winning jams from Scottish Preserves and now I'll definately have to get some of these chocs for my Scrapbooking groups, they're just sooooo pretty. I would post a picture of the six extremely pretty, scrappy looking, chocs I bought but unfortunately I succumbed and ate most of them before I could do that. I didn't have my camera to hand, when I got home the light wasn't good enough, excuse, excuse, excuse. They were delicious! You can see what I mean here. I also bought two packets of white chocolate covered raspberries and strawberries so I've managed to take a pic of that although one pack has already been devoured and I'm eyeing up the other!


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Thanks for stopping by brown-eyed-blog today. I popped over to see what you were up to and WOW! those chocolates are works of art!! Even the chocoholic in me couldn't bear to eat them - they're so gorgeous!