Wednesday, 21 July 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time!

Time just seems to be flying by right now and it's been over a month since I last blogged.
I've had a trip down to England for an AGM and 2 days helping out with a therapy workshop which I always enjoy. My friend came up to Scotland for a week so we could work on our therapy website and that was hard work. Neither of us is very good at getting the admin side of things done but at least the sun shone that week and we were able to work outside on the deck. We managed to escape to the beach at St Andrews one afternoon and into Perth on another so that kept us sane. I also had two days of therapy swaps with a group I haven't been in touch with for a long time and I enjoyed re-connecting.
The Hayloft was busy in June and both holiday cottages fully booked for July and will be again in August. Then, it's into Scrapbooking weekends starting the first week in September so I've been up to my eyes in cleaning, laundry, ironing etc.
My friend in Edinburgh took 2 of my ponies down to her stables for kids there to ride so that leaves me with 7 and I'm currently getting my big boy Max (15.2hh) used to loading into the horsebox as one of her friends wants him for a project. Max hasn't had much handling but he's being very good and it was quite easy getting him to go in the box with one of his pony pals the first time we tried him. He now goes in on his own with me but I've still to close the partitions on him and get the ramp up. Hopefully, that will go as smoothly as loading him. I'll take his little pal to Edinburgh and back so he has company on the journey and he'll be with my other two when he gets there. Max was extremely traumatised when I bought him at six months old and it took a long time to gain his confidence. He's also a real mummy's boy and gets jealous when I give any of the others my attention. I'm sure Scot will have fun with him when he gets to Edinburgh - good practice for someone who's training to be a vet. I just hope he doesn't spook at anything and flatten Scot when he's leading him. We had a 'Scooby Doo' moment when he was younger and tried to leap into my arms when he got a fright. My ribs were very sore and bruised for a while!

Not much time for scrapbooking, as usual, but my sister and two nieces are over on holiday from Abu Dhabi so I'm sure I'll have a visit soon so we can have a play in the craft room.

Oh, and I've been playing around with Twitter so that's been taking up a bit of time. I find it extremely irritating at times. I can get tweets on my phone but don't know how to reply and am still adjusting who I want to have forwarded to my phone anyway. Some people just don't know when to stop and I find myself wondering where they get all the time. Which reminds me...time to go!
Hopefully, be back soon!


Louise said...

Wondered where you'd gone. Thought you'd dropped off the planet!

Looking forward to seeing you again sometime

Hazel said...

Lol! I actually thought about using that for the heading - 'Haven't dropped off the planet!'
Hopefully get in to see you soon and see what new scrapbooking goodies you have.