Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pussycat with Purrsonality

Here's another layout I did at the weekend retreat. Again no journalling yet. This is Ruby and she's my daughter's cat not mine. Ruby is very affectionate and also very vocal, especially when she wants fed. She also forgets her place in the household as the other pic clearly shows. I found her in my bed one day, under the covers with her head on the pillow! I actually pulled the cover down a bit to take the pic as all I could see were her ears.

When we first bought the farm and were still living in Edinburgh, we travelled the 60 miles every weekend to Perthshire to work on the farmhouse and the dogs and Ruby came too. Ruby, especially, loved the trip in the car and as the noise she made when restricted to the cat basket became unbearable we bought a harness and lead for her and she would go from person to person using them as a platform to see out of the car windows. When we moved here permanently I think she wondered when we would be going 'home' again and used to jump in any car with an open door or window. My son took her down to the supermarket with him one day as she jumped into his car and installed herself on the back window shelf, refusing to come out again. She still likes to take short trips in the car and is fascinated by all she sees.

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