Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Found this website while following someone on Twitter. It's compulsive viewing, such a brave lady to do this kind of thing and put it out for all to see. Well done, Amanda.
Here's what it's about -

"I’m Amanda. I’ve tried everything I could think of to lose weight, make money, and become an enlightened being, and nothing’s worked. It is now time to try things I can’t think of, think through, or think about- it’s time for ACTION, and it’s time for the guidance of a mentor.
So, each Monday, I sit down with iKE to discuss my progress. He then gives me a PATH to complete that week, which might be anything from skydiving to nude modeling. This task is always a SURPRISE on Monday morning, and is meant to show me the impact of choices. It is my job to set it up, film it, create the webisode before the next Monday, and get my slowing shrinking behind back in iKE’s chair to receive my next path.
Also, each week I will be receiving SUPPORT from my community, getting treatments from experts who will help me strengthen the new relationship between my mind and body. Another way I will practice RECEIVING what I want for myself will be by recruiting businesses to offer their services to me for FREE, in exchange for promotion on this site. This will force me to practice true WIN-WIN relationships.
That’s it! If you would like to watch, help, respond, or join the journey, please leave a comment and let us know what YOU think! "

Looking forward to Path 8

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