Tuesday, 18 May 2010


I read the warning at the top of Kai's post and dreaded reading my name at the bottom of it, but here I am, tagged!

Blogging is somewhat alien to me as I've never been very good at putting things down in writing, especially about myself, but I persevere in the hope it will become a habit and not feel so difficult (although I haven't 'blogged' in over two weeks). Even most of my scrapbook layouts are still waiting for the journalling to be added!

But here goes with the questions and answers

1 - What’s in your garden, and if nothing, why not? Mainly grass in the garden with a few daffodils and an apple tree that was here when we came. There's a large area of gravel which was supposed to be low-maintenance but sprouts weeds at an alarming rate and the yard's block paved with some flower borders and some tubs, hanging baskets and a wonderful wisteria climbing up the wall. We're not really gardeners but David likes to potter. Besides, we have another 38 acres to think about.

2 – What’s your favorite retro era and why? 60's - carefree, colourful, good music, no responsibilities.

3 – What’s your favorite thing to do for pure entertainment (e.g. see the Opera, movies, have some beer at a pub with your friends, etc.) 'Doing' the Edinburgh Festival. Finding a real jewel of a show and sometimes seeing three shows in a day. So much to choose from and so diverse but I like the music ones best. One of my all-time favourites was 'Gumboots' from South Africa.

4 – Do you have pets? If yes, what kind and why do you have them? If no, why not? Do I have pets? Oh yes, I do. Two dogs, three cats, a horse, and nine Dartmoor hill ponies. We rehomed the chickens, pot-bellied pig and the two goats. People ask me why I rescued the ponies and the answer is here. We often read things and say to ourselves 'that's terrible', 'something should be done about that' and then there's the times when that little voice whispers to us and we know we have to do something ourselves, hence all the ponies. I got my first three from the 'next' sale that Rosemary speaks of. Her follow up report is here and the Chagford sale I went to is reported here . I went back to two sales the following year, but that's my lot. I've rehomed nine so far and still have the other nine to sell or loan out. It's an expensive business keeping them and I just can't afford it anymore but I won't part with them until I find the right homes even if it means beans on toast for the rest of my days! :o)

5 – You have a secret. Does it eat at you and you have a hard time keeping it in, or does it settle well and it’s safe with you forever? Your secrets are safe with me! Maybe it's my counselling training, or my work with the drug project, but I just learned to keep things in confidence and it usually doesn't bother me.

6 – If you could have professional help in any way, what would it be (e.g. professional landscapers, professional cleaning crew, professional chef, etc.) and why? I would definately have a professional housekeeper. Someone to cook, clean, and do all the things I hate doing, forever. Wonderful!

7 – What one actor or actress, still alive, would you want to have a private dinner with and why? None, I can't think of anyone who would interest me enough as I don't know enough about any of them. It would have to be someone from another profession.

8 – You are behind a locked door, perfectly safe for as long as you need to be. Something on the other side of the door gives you a weird feeling… a little scary, a little exciting… makes the hair on your skin stand on end, you don’t know if it’s good or bad. Would you open the door and confront it, or would you stay behind the door forever? (Deep one, huh?) Depends which side of the door I was on. If on the outside, I might leave it be unless it felt more exciting than scary and it would depend on how scary and how brave I felt at that moment. If I was on the inside, I would definately want to get out and face it, but I might just have to call a friend (big brave one) to come and check it out for me from the outside. No definitive answer there then! lol

9 – If you could go back in your past and change one single thing within your power to change, what would it be? Me, and hopefully I'd get to where I am with myself now sooner.

10 – What’s your favorite dessert? Please, be descriptive. :) I have a sweet tooth today. Hot, gooey, chocolate brownie with lots of pouring cream, fresh Perthshire strawberries and extra chocolate sauce. Yummy, making me drool just thinking about it!


Buy Design said...

Hi from Alyth. Are your ponies the ones in the field in front of Pondfauld ? I love the wee black one. Reminds me of a Thelwell pony club pony.

Hazel said...

Hi Fiona, my ponies are across the road and down the hill a bit. I'll post a pic of two of my Thelwells, Mischief and Cheeky.

Hazel said...

Forgot to say, thanks for stopping by.

Enjoy the Ride said...

Thanks for answering my Q's. That wasn't TOO stressing was it?