Sunday, 15 November 2009

An A-moooo-sing Tale for Prompts 7 & 8

Last winter one of our neighbours asked if he could rent one of our fields for two orphaned Highland Cattle which he had bought so we ended up with two little calves in the back field. Later in the year he bought some more young Higland Cows and put them in there too making seven altogether. A few months later one of our liveries rode into the yard and told us that one of the cows had just given birth which surprised us as we hadn’t been told any of them were in calf but apparently it was a surprise to the guy who bought them too!! He’d been a bit concerned that two of them were getting a bit fat. However, the farmer he bought them from assured him they couldn’t be pregnant - but there it was, proof of the pudding, so to speak. The mother seemed a little bewildered by it all as she wasn’t very old herself and kept misplacing it in the field when she wandered off with the rest of the herd leaving it sleeping ‘somewhere’. I walked by with the dogs one day and the calf was nowhere to be seen so I asked her where she’d left it. She raised her nose to the air and sniffed in several directions, peered through her long blond tresses, and ambled off to find it.

There is a twist to this tale as you’ll see in the picture below. Now, I don’t know much about Highland Coos, but I’m sure that calf looks nothing like one. How a different bull could get to these young cows without the farmer knowing is beyond me but one obviously had an eye for a pretty blond!

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