Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Blogging for Scrapbookers Prompt 4

Well, here I am, way behind with my blogging as I was down south for a long weekend visiting friends and taking in the Hobbycraft show at the same time. Went to the show on Saturday and spent all day there so we were shattered by the time we got out.
It's taken me ages to read through the prompts and other posts so now I need to find time to actually do something. I have lots of mundane stuff I could blog about but not many pictures and I forgot to take my camera with me today when I went out to the fields to work. Still, I did find this one when I was sorting out and trying to organise my digital pics. It's my husband cleaning up the door to one of the cottages. There's always something needing done and this is a rare pic of him actually doing it! It doesn't occur to me to take pics of all the sorts of things involved in running the cottages like the cleaning and laundry - just hate all that ironing but the ironing service was dreadful last time I sent some away and I ended up doing most of it again myself anyway. Maybe I'm just too fussy. When it's all spick and span and ready for new people to come in though it does give me such a feeling of satisfaction and it's always good to meet our guests and get feedback.
Looking at the picture, I noticed that it was taken before the yard was paved and reminded me what a difference that had made to the look of the whole place, not to mention being able to cross over to the barn in shoes rather than donning wellies to squelch through the mud on rainy days. I think I'll do a future blog with some before and after shots (maybe even layouts!) of the cottages. They really have been transformed and it's good to remind myself just how far it's all come.
Tomorrow I'll try to remember to take my camera with me and photograph some of my most essential items for daily living on the farm - wellies, quad-bike, poo scooping equipment, heavy duty gloves. I know, doesn't sound very exciting does it, but someone has to do it!

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Cottages for scrapping retreats sound good.