Thursday, 12 November 2009

Blogging for Scrapbookers Prompt 9

Okay, I know, what happened to Prompts 5 to 8? I will get back to them but felt this was one I could do something about now. I love lists and in days gone by used to make them regularly and tick off the tasks one by one until most were accomplished. Then I'd carry forward unfinished items and make a new list to live by. It all seemed so simple and organised, then came husband, children, pets etc., etc., etc.. I guess lists are even more appropriate now than ever before but I've just got out of the habit so this is a great prompt for me and I'm hoping it will give me the kick-start I need to review my life and plan ahead more.

Shimelle suggested doing This week... I am... but I thought about the prompts as I was sitting at my computer and answered them for the here-and-now.

I am computer, and beyond that the garden, fields, and hills in the distance. The stable yard is obscured by the large pampas grass in the corner of the lawn but unfortunately it's not large enough to blot out the polytunnels on neighbouring farms!

I am hearing.. my little dog making his way through from the kitchen to find me after waking up and realising his mum wasn't still there.

I am smelling.. the chicken soup which is simmering on the Raeburn.

I am tasting.. toothpaste..I've just cleaned my teeth before going out to a meeting in town.

I am feeling.. frazzled and totally unorganised. I feel like there are things which I'm forgetting to do, important things and it's stressing me out. Time to make a list!!!

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