Saturday, 21 November 2009

Phew, that was a busy week, and no time to Blog!

Mon - Put ponies out to field then attend Perthshire Area Tourism Conference (20 miles away), 9.30am-4.30pm, home by 5pm then muck out stables, do hay and water and bring ponies in.
Tues - Put ponies out then travel to Edinburgh (60 miles away) for dentist & hygienist check-ups. Quick trip to Costco then home, muck out stables, do hay and water and bring ponies in.
Wed - Put ponies out and try to catch up with field work missed over past two days away. Do stables, get ponies in, then get cleaned up for the local Youth Project AGM (on Management Committee) for 7pm followed by Merchants Association (on Management Committee) early Christmas soiree for 8pm.
Thurs - Put ponies out then travel to Dundee (20 miles) for 'Evaluation of the Delivering for Mental Health Peer Support Worker Pilot Scheme Dissemination Event' (Isn't that a mouthful!) 10am-3.30pm, home, and, you guessed it - muck out stables, do hay and water and bring ponies in.
Frid - Was again a day spent trying to catch up in between doing the ponies and then off to a 7pm Reflexology appointment. I was the one doing the treatment, not having it done.
Sat - Another event in Perth (20 miles away). This time Perth & Kinross Council Community Capacity Building Sub-Group's Communication Seminar. Couldn't miss this one as I'm a member of the organising committee and was doing the closing remarks.

All this leads me to the conclusion that I need to take heed of what Shimelle says in Prompt 6 and take stock of what I'm doing now and set some goals for the future. I know my first task will be to cut down on the voluntary work I'm doing and put more energy into setting up my therapy practice now that my daughter has left school and is more independent. Time to hit YouTube and tap along with one of my favourite guys - Brad Yates. I'm sure he'll have a routine for goal setting. I could do it myself but it's much more fun with Brad!

I'm going to print off Shimelle's prompts and hopefully work through them even though the class is now finished. Another goal - to finish what I start!

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inkyfingers said...

What a busy week - don't know how you manage it all, and blog as well!